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Roles & Permissions

You can group of people in the organization who have the same rights, responsibilities, and goals in the same role. We defined the three roles in your organization, they are:

  • Guest: the very limited user. We can not do anything but just read his profile
  • Employee: has right in project permissions such as creating a new project, or read & write CRM data and no more.
  • Admin: people who manage users, accounts, etc. and do whatever he want in the organization

When you invite a new project member in the project module, if the user does not exist in the system we will create a new user associated with this project member, and he has the Guest role.

You can create more roles that match your project requirements. To create a new role is simple in MyCollab. Go to Role view, and click ‘New’ button


After assigning this role with the right permissions, save and you have defined a new role.

You can not delete the system roles: Guest, Employee or Admin but you can change the name or its permissions

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