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Translating MyCollab

Within MyCollab source code, all translatable terms are international English (language code en_US). The administrator of MyCollab instance can load any other language in MyCollab official distributions or contribute the own translated assets. MyCollab keeps all translation assets in the local folder, and it discovers and reloads the changes automatically if these files change while MyCollab instance is running.

The easiest to translate MyCollab is using the service of Get Localization. Before translating MyCollab, please read the site Get Localization User Guide first, and register a free account if you do not have.

Translating with Get Localization

After you register an account on Get Localization, you access the MyCollab workspace and take a glance at it

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 4.29.38 PM

Scroll to the list defined languages. If your language is not already on that list, please add the new one.

You can suggest the translations to any language. If your changes are approved, in the next release, we will include these changes in our official distribution and spread it to the world.

Translating the HTML format text

MyCollab has several phrases which have HTML format, for instance
{0} <b>commented</b> the version:

The tag <b> indicates the text ‘commented’ is bold, the value {0} is the variable which is injected by MyCollab. You should not try to translate the variable {n} or the HTML tag but focus on the text values only. Above value is translated to German by keeping HTML tags and MyCollab variables
{0} <b>kommentierte</b> die Version:

Preview your changes instantly

After translating MyCollab words to your language, you can preview the changes on your MyCollab instance. Go to the MyCollab setting page and scroll to the Language section


Click to download all the language files in the zip format. Unzip the downloaded file, check the language tag of your file

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 5.05.25 PM

The language tag is the extension after the character ‘_’ of the file name. In the above example, the language tag is de_DE. Unzip all files and copy them all to %MYCOLLAB_HOME%/i18n folder, and you already have the translation of your languages integrate to MyCollab.

The next step is to preview your changes. You go to profile and select ‘Edit’ your profile. Then choose the appropriate language with tag display on the right side



Save the profile page, and the changes should be affected right away, or after a minute. In several cases, you may need to restart the server to let the changes affected.

Can I edit the translation directly on the properties files on my local server, not via Get Localization service

Yes, you can. However, we do not know your changes, and if you upgrade MyCollab, your changes will be overwritten and lost by our official translation files.

When my suggestions appear in MyCollab

We will distribute the update translations in every release. Hence we note your contribution in the contributor list, and we also update your changes in the release as well.

Translation copyright

MyCollab translations are contributed and published under the LGPL License. You are free to use and contribute back to the open-source community

You earn what you work for

If you translated more than 20% phrases to your local language, you could get a free license of 10 users of MyCollab growing edition for one year. Please submit the request to our contact form, we will provide you a license within one or two business days after we verify your works.

Help us to sell MyCollab in your country

Want to launch a new business without prior investment? After localizing MyCollab fully in your local language, contact us to get the business agreements how MyCollab distributes the software to your local users.

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