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Upgrade MyCollab automatically

MyCollab is not only the open source, free project management software but it also easy to maintain, upgrade as well. We tested the upgrade process on various operating systems such as Windows, MacOS, Unix/Linux but it may not be bug-free. If you need any help, please send us a request via our contact form https://www.mycollab.com/contact, we will reply to you as soon as possible. If there is any missing in our guidelines, we will update this page per your feedback to help our instruction precise and easy for all cases.

If you are the system administrator and access to the MyCollab app, MyCollab will notify you if there is a newer version. It will ask you if you want to upgrade MyCollab automatically.

MyCollab auto upgrade


Note: if the new MyCollab version requires some serious changes in the system loading, we may ask the system administrator upgrade MyCollab manually, but this case is rare.

If you ask MyCollab upgrade automatically, the upgradeĀ process may take several minutes to complete successfully.

MyCollab upgrade screen

After upgrade successfully, MyCollab will redirect you to the MyCollab page again.

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