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Upgrade MyCollab manually

The upgrade process is pretty similar than installation procedure. If you need any help, please send us a request via our form https://www.mycollab.com/contact, we will reply to you as soon as possible. If there is any missing in our guidelines, we will update this page per your feedback to help our instruction precise and easy for all cases.

Backup MyCollab database

You should backup database. Although MyCollab development must test the migration process automatically in their daily jobs. However, it is similar than any OS/Commercial products to require you should backup database before doing any upgrade procedure.

Download MyCollab


Get the appropriate MyCollab distribution for your platform, and unzip MyCollab to some folder, we call it is %MYCOLLAB_NEW_FOLDER%

Configure MyCollab

You should re-configure MyCollab settings. The easiest approach is copying the old MyCollab configuration file mycollab.properties from %MYCOLLAB_HOME%/conf to the new MyCollab installation folder %MYCOLLAB_NEW_FOLDER%/conf.

Note: in the rare case, we may change the default values of fields in config file. So the bug free upgrade is you run startup script in the new installation folder and configure the system variables again similar than you install the new MyCollab instance, but you use the same setting of database, and SMTP parameters.

Restart MyCollab

Stop the current MyCollab process if it is running, then execute MyCollab startup script (startup.bat on Windows, or startup.sh on MacOS, Unix, Linux) in the new installation folder, MyCollab should run well while our upgrade procedure will do all migration jobs silently.

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