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Kanban Board

MyCollab supports Kanban for years. It is one of the most used in MyCollab project module. By using Kanban, the team members just focus just-in-time delivery and not bother the overloading by the mass number of assignments. MyCollab supports drag & drop in the Kanban board; you can move one item from a column to another column.


In MyCollab Kanban board, a task status represents a column of the board. You can create as many columns (statuses) as your project need.

Create a new column

Click the button ‘New column’ to create a new column. You can select the open ‘Default for new projects’ to let this column is presented on the newly created project as well.

For easily distinguish the columns in the Kanban board, you should choose the new color different than the default color; it is the column’s color you just created


Hide a column

If you have many columns in the Kanban board, and you just want to focus on a few of columns. You can go to every column, select the context menu and choose ‘Hide column’. MyCollab will hide this column in the Kanban board.

To unhide a column, click the toggle button ‘Show invisible columns’, it will show all visible and invisible columns. Then you open the context menu of column, and choose ‘Show column.’

Rearrange columns

If the order of columns does not match with your needs, you can rearrange columns by dragging a column and drop to the suitable position.

Instant edit

MyCollab supports the users can edit task information in the Kanban board directly, or go to the edit form. You just click on the field and modify the field value. After you move out of the field control, MyCollab will save the change.

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