Library Upgrades

  • Upgrade Vaadin to 7.3.10
  • Upgrade Spring frameworks to 4.1.5.RELEASE
  • Upgrade several Vaadin addons
  • Upgrade all libraries up-to-date, there are few name are Infinispan, Apache commons, etc


  • Check the latest version notification
  • Replace icons by font awesome
  • Revise bug group layout
  • Support sub tasks for project bug
  • Simplify application configuration (for developers) to utilize convention over configuration
  • Using Scala for several back-end components such as scheduler
  • Allow assign user in bug view
  • Allow deselect assignee in bug or bug
  • Revise project and crm views
  • Revise the related bug relationship
  • Remove redundant css elements
  • Fix layout issues in the Internet Explorer browsers

Bug Fixes

  • Load the empty list of projects throws error in some special cases
  • Internal issue causes the lazy views load infinitely
  • Save crm call throws exception
  • Update time logging but not update the project information immediately
  • Tooltip of several entities do not display properly
  • Time logging display the double value wrongly some times
  • Gantt chart display to miss the last day of bug
  • Default permission of guest role is wide open