Library Upgrades

  • Upgrade Vaadin to 7.4.7
  • Upgrade libraries: HirakiCP, Jackrabbit, Commons-Email, Jetty

Improvements & New Features

  • Parse html better, display rich html text smoothly
  • Improve code quality overall
  • Optimize the hash query and improve the site performance a little bit
  • Revise the Gantt chart display
  • Remove redundant assets and libraries to reduce the size of downloaded file size
  • Support send email via StartTls or Ssl/Tls protocols

Bug Fixes

  • Search project may throw exception in some special case
  • Export report document is sometimes failed
  • Upload file in page editor throws exception
  • Add a new project page throws exception
  • Fix several bugs relate to Gantt chart
  • Display the new user information when user re-login by another account
  • Fix missing assets in email template
  • Some views can not display well on internet explorer browser
  • Crm menu does not refresh if user logout then login with two different accounts