Library Upgrades

  • Spring framework upgrade to 4.1.7.RELEASE, Infinispan, MySQL Connector

Improvements & New Features

  • Redesign the email template
  • Can resend the invitation
  • Optimize Vaadin widgetsets
  • Remove Camel library and reduce the number of threads daemons
  • Reduce chart generator memory footprint
  • Theme color consistent fixed
  • Add outlook smtp help message
  • Many minor UI improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Fix gzip response since the version 5.0.10 uses Jetty 9.3 deprecate servlet gzip filter
  • Can not change the default port 8080 on Windows
  • MyCollab can not run with Java 7
  • Can not run MyCollab in some rare cases due to the order of service beans is not controlled
  • Refresh page of bug list and gantt view shows internal error