Library Upgrades

  • Hiraki CP 2.4.5
  • Other libraries

Improvements & New Features

  • [Premium] Invoice management in project
  • [Premium] Favorite view in project
  • [Premium] Project members can enter overtime hours per assignment
  • [Premium] Add ‘Can read financial data’ permission in project
  • [Premium] Tag management supports for components and versions
  • [Premium] Favorites management support for components and versions
  • [Premium] Can calculate the financial data in timing view
  • Support install MyCollab as windows service
  • Other minor improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Form display badly when the field shows long text
  • Can not export pdf report at the first time
  • File management is more stable
  • Re-invite user does not update the latest user information
  • Project Member still receive his watched items updates though he leaved the project already