Library Upgrades

  • Vaadin 7.6.4
  • Spring framework 4.2.5.RELEASE
  • Jackrabbit 2.12.1
  • Jetty 9.2.15.v20160210
  • Flyway 4.0
  • Commons Collection 3.2.2
  • Other libraries

Improvements & New Features

  • [Premium] Tag management is supported
  • [Premium] Project client management is added
  • [Premium] Support tag for phase and risk
  • New user group for task and bug views
  • Allow to change color column of Kanban board
  • Improve error handling page mechanism
  • Other minor improvements

Bug Fixes

  • [Premium] Display wrong list of history fields in several special cases
  • [Premium] Save the new project throws error in mobile web application
  • Rename option column may cause the error in trending chart
  • Websocket timeout error